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Painter Nato
Questionning Obscenity

Books are availablesBook 1, curriculum vitae de la vie du Peintre Nato. Book 2, curriculum vitae de la vie du Peintre Nato.Book 3, curriculum vitae de la vie du Peintre Nato. Book 4, curriculum vitae de la vie du Peintre Nato.Book 5, Ready - Mode 1990Book 6. Le Peintre NatoBook 7. Le Peintre NatoBook 8, curriculum vitae de la vie du Peintre Nato.Book 8, curriculum vitae de la vie du Peintre Nato.

Precise : For painter Nato in subject

Miss, Mistress,
for Painter NATO, you are never too big, too small, or too old.
He need you as a model, for his creation.

Photocopie sur enveloppe

To go entirely, body and soul, in Painting
Go directly from Being to Art
Obscenity's Poetry
To be Art

Photo de Loco. Texte en japonais.
 Portarit of Loco, by the Painter Nato. Inks on paper.
Enter into the impalpable.
There, where desir is born.
Where poetry is born.
Loco With the Painter Nato carry on their masterpiece of PAINTED-LOVE.
Souls' ans bodies' Union.
To convey us FORCE OF ART without any concession, so that we share the sublime creative energy that LOCO inspires to the Painter Nato.
A Paris, Le Peintre Nato et Loco. Nus, à terre...
LOCO with Le Peintre NATO fill the frame.
Nothing anymorre escapes the art.
Here, osmosis turned into flesh, to the most oscene edge of the soul, turned into word, written, painted : AI SHITERU.
A scream, a strong splash, that the looker secures in his soul, in his conscience as a narrative reality.
This impalpable cloth now lives in the looker's memory. Follows his thougts on being or not being...
The HAPPENING has the power of the occuring event, before there is nothing, after all is over.
It engraves into the looker's heart the whole energy spread by
the work of
the Painter NATO with LOCO.

The Painter Nato is one of the few, maybe the only contemporary artist whose work is dedicated to sex, pushed to crisis, and to its freedom of expression.
His approach is only a "normal" one, in the history of Art, as nudity and sexuality are ubiquitous in every frame, in every grand maître.
Why nude and sex would not only burst, spread out the common supports and be free ? Why would they stay deliberately ignored on account of the sexual taboos ?

The Painter Nato considers that sex can be the object of aesthetic speculations as any other theme.
His Happenings are a burst of sublimated sexual energy. Their representation and their realism acquire an unquestionable aesthetic value.

But to understand the sensuality that releases its work, one must consider it with lucidity and take its repression into account.
Attention : the Painter Nato does not support the illusion of a "natural" sexuality, accomplice of Puritanism. He makes sex rising out of control, absorbing sin and havoc in a vortex. Evil erupts, in front of the puritan repression, and shakes all belief in skill, control and mastery.

In the Happenings of the Painter Nato, there is no script.
Actors-objects, appear, disappear, according to a logic beyond any narrative chronology. They are resumed, dispersed, probed or deployed.
Here, woman and sex, eveal "in the flesh" a society bound by hatred and cowardice.

In the works of the Painter Nato, shines the purest form of sexuality.

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