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Update : 19-Jul-2009
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Land art, nov.2007, U.S.A,

Autumn in Connecticut,


Painter Nato's Manifest (videos)

Painter Nato
Questionning Obscenity

You want talk with Painter Nato

You can see him all the mornings at an half past 6 at
" Le Nord-Sud " Brasserie
Jules Joffrin Place
In front of the Mairie du 18ème, Paris

Photocopie sur enveloppe
Enter with body and soul in the Painting

Go directly from the being to the art
Poetics from obscenity
To be Art


I know this site is for adults only, I'm allright and I click on "Enter"


Land art. Painter Nato and New York. February / July 2004. U.S.A.

The fire bird (Igor Stravinsky) Choregraphy by Painter Nato

On theFrench Cable, Friday june 1st 2001 Télé Paris Première

Saw on French TV Channels and

Painter Nato affirms the esthetics of the sexual anatomy Here

Painter Nato makes irruption happening in a supermarket of 18th in Paris

- Land Art - Painter NATO with Loco - Soignes Forest , in Champagne-

Saw on Télé Bocal Paris Logo de Télé Bocal

Regardeur-poème in D.V.D. and in K7 video secam

Ylvie d'Amour-peint, Painted-book - 203 pages : texts, photos, drawings from painter NATO

Le Peintre Nato et Loco : 21 juillet 2001

Pianissimo, 42th CD, melting by T. Bertomeu

Paintings ( exhibition )

Video Painting : "Painter Nato's Canvas and brush"

The Valse with 1000 pictures from Painter Nato

Pianissimo, 42th Painter Nato's CD, mixed by T. Bertomeu

Painter Nato go to Tristan Edern Vaquette...

Le Peintre Nato with Loco
C'est toucher vivant
Is to touch Art

Aux cimaises de la galerie S'EXposer sans issue du peintre Nato

Saw on BBC - Channel 4 London - Euro trash

Dessin du Peintre Nato,  Encres et pastels à l'huile.encre et pastels à l'huile

Land art. Painter Nato at Paris. February 2005. France.

The art and the morality

Letter after "Foetus", happening texte en français

Saw on ZALEA.TV. Saturday 8th september at 20.30

Encres et pastels à l'huile, dessin, 21 x 25 cm, 2001. Le Peintre Nato.

- Land Art - Painter Nato with Loco - Forêt de Soignes, Vignes en Champagne, Sens unique

Exceptional Painted Ballet "Tsuru" Painter NATO - Loco - Miyuki - Kazuko

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